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Always maintain peace of mind about how your loved one feels - even when you are apart. Reflections provide families with personalized insights into the well-being of their loved ones.  Gerry uses unique criteria to measure one's general mood and feelings.  As a result, Reflections can also allow families to take a proactive approach to any unseen challenges their loved ones face.

Core Health Measures

A dashboard of your loved one's health information enables families to track vital health information actively. Weight, blood pressure and heart rate are all easily accessible on-demand in the Gerry app. Historical trending of these measures ensures that families are always up to date on their loved ones' health.

Medication Chart

Stay on top of medication prescribed to loved ones. See detailed information about medication names, their purpose, the prescribed dosages, and potential side effects, to help provide clarity and stay informed about changing needs.

Care Home Hub

Keep up to date with events and announcements from your loved ones care facility.  A calendar updated by the care home will highlight important events, while a live announcements bulletin will ensure that family members are always in the know.  This module aims strengthen the connection between the care facility and the family by reducing uncertainty, and encouraging open communication.

Family Whiteboard

Designed to enable open communication with family members of all matters related to the care of loved ones. Access notes on doctor's visits, conversations with specialists, and other areas of their health to see the complete picture of your loved one's care. Gerry gives families the power of information to make informed decisions for their loved ones' health and well-being.


Using existing meal intake measures, Gerry shares how much and how consistently loved ones are eating each meal at their care home. Displaying these patterns can help provide more clarity for families and save time for care home staff.

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