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Access a platform that enables the one to one connection that's missed when a loved one enters a care institution.

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How does Gerry help?


  • Allows family to keep track of their loved one's journey
  • Reflections allows Gerry to curate the resources to help families be more informed about their loved one's current situation
  • Tools and actionable insights will also be shared to better equip families to care for their loved ones
  • Opens a dialogue with the institution

Core Health Measures

  • Automatically track basic health indicators over time
  • Allows for easy comparison of health status at any data point
  • Provides an early indication of possible changes in health status

Medication Chart

  • Provides an accurate record of current and previous medication use and adjustments
  • Convenient access to overview of each medication including uses, side effects, precautions, interactions and dosages

Care Home Hub

Stays up-to-date and organized with news and information from care homes

Family Whiteboard

  • A safe and secured space for families to take notes, share and discuss updates with each other
  • Easily search and retrieve notes with keywords and tags


  • Identify meal intake trends for better understanding of loved one's health
  • Access nutrition information without the need to call care home

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